Monday, September 01, 2008

The Left and a Hunter's Daughter

Well I just got done reading the “dirt” on the Palin’s. It’s going to be interesting seeing the vomit from the left side of the spectrum. The verbal grins, the wringing of hands in glee. I hope none of those that do have a preteen daughter or a little one growing up because if they fail to realize you can’t lock them up and throw away the key, and you can’t give them unlimited freedom without a sense of responsibility or consequence, they may be in the same boat someday – it all comes down to your kids choice, its as simple as that. It's no more than a lottery, where the prize is a backbone that can bear burden's that you can appreciate but your children have to navigate through without acquiring.

They have to live life, and if you have a daughter you’re not going to control their heart, or how they use the values you have demonstrated to them. They have to learn their life is up to them, and their choices affect their life and it’s up to them to rise up and face what they have sown.

I have a seventeen year old daughter, and she has a new “boyfriend” her first actually.( I haven’t ordered a "hit" on him yet). He’s now off at University far away (not far enough), but that doesn’t matter a bit because nothing I could do could change anything, unless that free independent, responsible, emerging woman that is my daughter decides to change it herself, that’s up to her, and hopefully she picked a sweet kid.

It’s my job to tell her “there are condoms in the medicine cabinet – no questions asked”, and if she wants to give the boy she picked that part of her, it’s her job to know when to use them .It’s not my virtue she’s carried for seventeen years it’s hers, it’s something liberals couldn’t see if it bit them on the ass, and the truth be told they just as soon spit of the word virtue when it comes to a young female.

Realists don’t raise dummies, its naturally impossible- as impossible as being perfect.

And I don’t give two shits what a bunch of liberal scumbags have to say about it, and I hope the Palin family doesn’t either.

I know we are supposed to be pleasant to opposing views, but knowing many women that resemble Palin from a small town, that seemingly carry burdens effortlessly, love their children by being a MOTHER, and wish them the best in their ability to learn from life without entitlements they haven’t earned. I have to say whole heartedly on those observations alone I hate modern liberalism with all my heart, there isn’t a middle where we’d meet- that was gone long ago. Why would I stick my head in a “bucket of insanity”, when one REAL woman is worth ten Michelle Obama's ?

The best I can do is agree to disagree, not associate with any of them, and hope the Sarah Palin’s of the world get to at least slap some sanity into some of them once in their life.

I do hope the left takes it one step to far, where the salt of the earth mother in Sarah Palin is awakened for all the world to see, and it won’t be pretty for the offender – it never is, and that’s the way it was meant to be.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The "Earth Hour Of Power" ?

“Earth Hour”? I missed it , I looked outside to take a look but didn’t notice any difference.

I didn't think they'd miss me at the "service", and I don't see Suzuki, Gore and their followers as any kind of saviour to my children, or the planet. They mean well but the wad of money in their pockets means more to them than the truth.

I did notice though how rabid people got when they realized to their horror some people just don’t subscribe to the same nonsense they do and actually counter protested in their own way. Frankly if you want to follow the “leaders” of the world that would sell their mother to remain politically correct, and hip to senseless voters, go right ahead but don’t expect every person to think to agree with you even if you’re afraid the world is ending.

Seeing people so ready to do anything to “save” the planet only reinforces the assumption that they would “slit their own throats” to silence their guilt, but never have the guts to live with it and even worse expect you to feel guilty as well. Of course there will be a line they won’t cross and somehow forgot to see during the next “Earth Hour” when in the future they finally realize what sacrifice their compliance is going to bring to their door step and everyone else that didn’t ask for it.

I can picture the clueless looks already.

Can you?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Village Full Of Idiots

Some blogs I read are inspirations, they know who they are. They practise what they preach, value common sense, and know what peace really means when it comes to being an individual, and most important of all family.

Families at one time followed simple rules, constants that somehow where taken as an instinct. Adults somehow bound themselves with a common destiny. A destiny pot marked with imperfection and nasty outcomes at times but never the less the children involved made it to their adult lives self made women and men. My mother at fourteen, watching her niece and nephew, had to hurry them to their beds before their father arrived drunk and ready to deal out some punishment, because reality sucked. My father came from similar circumstances (whoop tee do).

One good parent was the saviour of these families, and a community that didn’t offer any excuses, they understood hard times, bad choices, and had faith in peoples wherewithal to get themselves to a better place, imperfect but better. Expectations were not the pie in the sky unrealistic hopes of today. People want it all, and seek it so blindly they have forgotten the simple little things found in families, found in the spouse that gave you your children, found in grandparents eyes when they look at your kids, found in yourself when you realise you might not be here tomorrow, and you realise that smile you love on your child’s face they have to someday truly find themselves.

It’s your job to help them find it, not supply it. After all who really sees all that lies before their children all that they possess to get them through this life? Who knew when they first looked in those pure innocent eyes a clue was left for their soul, their intuition like a well made road map to lead your heart and mind on its journey when it came to guiding your children thru life and all its unseen “potholes” and “scenic views” until you had to let go?

Not children’s aid, not some bleeding heart bureaucrat trying to manufacture perfection from a text book, and certainly not a hand wringer that only sees society as the supplier of their child’s smile for eternity. Why people such as this cannot fathom a child finding their own sense of self without the hardships life will supply can only be explained by the ease of using an excuse, and parent’s willingness to except it.

That’s why bureaucracies try to manufacture a perfect life for all, to alter reality so its not random events brought on with our own free will good or bad. They want to supply phony feel good moments, not brought on by free will and choices, but just “exist” without a thought, without a struggle, without a conscience, with no real sense of pride, and most of all the pain of owning up and overcoming imperfection is a burden they would rather deny. Even though it will always exist, but what will they really do to hide it?

Is that the world you seen in your newborn’s eyes that laid before them.

A world full of forced tolerance for all things. So that they could be someday absorbed into the collective, without a whimper, and do the same with “their” children?

Does that do your first look into your child’s eyes justice?

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Birth of Principled Thought

I’m not bragging with what’s about to follow but it’s amazing what your kids show you without even trying with the questions they ask? I pick my kids up during the week and take them out to Timmies on Thursdays. They have had three weather days this week, so I guess they have been watching The View, and my youngest now fourteen commented how Hillary’s daughter hasn’t bothered calling the conservative on the show when she’s called all the others, and then the conversation lead to a woman who voted for Hillary just because she’s a woman. Then my youngest daughter asked, “dad shouldn’t you vote on the person’s merits, and not because someone is a woman”. I had to stifle a halleluiah, and just smile (a rather big one) and say yes.

My daughters have made themselves very smart, and it’s a relief actually witnessing them think things through already in life (most of the time).

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Down to Earth

Okay I have a confession to make, I found this blog how I can’t remember. It doesn’t really matter what does is I find it totally hilarious, real, and full of moments you can really wrap your mind around especially if you came from a down to earth, golden rule type of family like many of us did back in the day. When times where so much simpler.

The blog is called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and if you need a little help seeing how to keep things simple and wholesome if that’s your cup of tea stop by and read it. It’s inspiring and a beautiful read, and her pictures are great.

Oh I’m enjoying her ongoing love story Black Heels and Tractor Wheels- nice to see how a woman can think of a Man.

If I had boys I’d make them read it.